In-Search Intent

The Intent is in the Search

The In-Search Intent Ad Platform offers innovative solutions to generate High PPC Revenues 
through Search Intent and Keywords Targeting.


Our widget is an exclusive add-on designed specifically for publishers to open new monetization fields
from the regular search box standing at their websites or web apps.


It can be easily set up at any existing search box or search bar. It is fully compatible with any type of web based technology.

When a web visitor uses it, his search intent and search keywords are being targeted on the fly, to suggest him Real time Relevant Ads & Offers fitting his expectations. 

Thanks to an expertise of more than 15 years in Online Advertising, we provide you with a large Ad network covering all types of content & keywords. Our coverage is worldwide.

Advanced Customization Options

On top of the HIGH PPC REVENUES generated within the search box and to adapt to your business model,
In-search Intent widget offers multiples Ads Formats and advanced customization.

Text Ads - Display - Shopping - Video - Native, Make it your way.


In-Search Intent Add-on offers full compatibility with
all web devices in use at the marketplace : desktops, tablets & mobile phones…

Better user’s experience

Offer your visitors a more personalized experience which benefits all parties involved.

Being based on users’ actual intentions, In-Search Intent ads offer a Perfect fit with their expectations.

Real time display also makes them MORE TRANSPARENT TO THE USER and perceived as less Intrusive.

Happier Customers, Optimized RPMs & Higher revenues

More features

A few additional key points and commitments


Strong advertising partnerships & millions of ads displayed daily

Seamless setup through simple scripts
& customization options.

Responsive & Qualitative client support

In Search intent is fully compatible with any type of websites and web business you may run: blogs, forums, classifieds, ezines, e-learning, News, browser’s extension, web apps, toolbars, etc… 

About US


Founded in 2004, AdOptim benefits from a Digital Advertising experience on Desktop and Mobile for more than a decade. Our mission consists in designing Advanced Monetisation solutions for publishers to extend their revenues and get the best out of their audience and efforts.

Our team is composed of professionals with strong experience in digital marketing from the most prestigious companies within the Internet industry for more than 15 years. We understand that creating a true sense of brand loyalty among clients takes significant time and investment.


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