AdOptim is offering Publishers to monetize their Web and Mobile Web products thanks to a strong PPC XML Search feeds with extensive coverage, In Text Advertising, CPV ads and more… With a fast and reliable way to see their revenue grow, we provide to publishers with Premium Direct Sources (Direct Navigation, In text, Search Injection, Search client or traffic…)
the best Ads based on Keywords.


AdOptim is the leading self serve Advertising for CPM/CPC/CPV platform for Marketers and Advertising Professionals. Our platform provides tools for Real Time management and Optimization. AdOptim Platform is also available through a White Label offer

Platform Highlights

    • XML SEARCH Feeds, In Text, CPV ads & RTB for SSP
      Monetize and Monitor all your inventories (Desktop and Mobile) through AdOptim Supply Side Platform (SSP). Or ensure the full value of your Premium Direct Sources (Direct Navigation, In text, Search Injection, Search client or traffic...) thanks to AdOptim strong PPC XML Search feeds for Display and Mobile Web.
    • Cross media CPM/CPC/CPV platform
      Run your advertising business over Mobile Web and Display and use the benefits of Real Time ad platform to buy only on your targeted audience, reduce Media Wastage, improve your performance and deliver the right ads to the right persons.
    • Targeting
      Reach your audience by using our large range of targeting options from Demographics, Behaviourals, Geographic’s, Domains, Carriers, Devices, OS, Browser, Categories and more…
    • Worldwide Reach
      Maximize your reach by having access to billions of impression every month thanks to our partnership with international major SSP’s.
    • Retargeting
      Increase conversions by using retargeting option to custom ad campaigns and retarget users that shown already an interest in your site.
    • Real Time Analytics
      Monitor and optimize your campaign live thanks to clear and easy automatic live reporting system. Reports give ability to break down your stats down to the site/app level where your ads are served.
    • Creative support
      We support third party tags across desktop, mobile and tablet any picture formats in Jpg, Gif, Png, Swf, Text, HTML 5, Rich Media and video formats
    • Tracking & Optimization
      Track your impression and conversion in real time and optimize using our range of rules or create your own with your parameters and action to take. Once its done run your rules automatically.
    • Fraud Detection
      Our platform allows our customers to perform their business in a safe environment and inventory in the frame of the IAB standards. The anti fraud mechanisms avoid fake clicks, unsafe links and restricted categories.
    • API’s
      Demand Side and Supply Side Partners accelerate time to market by plug in AdOptim RTB platform using with fully featured campaign, reporting and optimization API.

Who do we work with?

Media Buyers

Buy Display and Mobile on one unique platform to build your brand, improve your ROI, or reach your targeted impressions. Benefit of all the advantages of Programmatic Buying to monitor and optimize your result in real time.

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Agencies & Ad networks

Expand your business on a fully branded platform as its your own. Manage all your advertising and publishing activity on one dashboard, save time and money in technological investment and concentrate only on your core business.

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White Label Ad Platform

Boost your business with an access to a fully white labelled CPM/CPV/CPC & XML feed platform. Benefit in no time of a fully customized advanced Ad platform, with no investment in additional technical resources or development cost.

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Publisher benefits of Strong PPC SML Search feeds to monetize their search client or properties. Mobile and Display inventories also connect to our RTB platform to compete on WW demand sources and win at the highest bid.

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Online Support

If you need any assistance or have technical questions about the platform, our team is engaged to provide you support with answer within 24 hours.

Dedicated Team

Our account managers and technical support ease advertisers work providing full support for management and optimization of their offers.

You wish to know more about our platform? Contact us

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