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Adoptim is a Contextual & RON CPC/CPV Programmatic Ad Network offering advertisers an easy access to high volumes of premium quality traffic.

We offer both an easy to use self-serve interface for direct URL advertising or XML feed integration to allow Brands, Agencies, Affiliate, Media Buyer and Network running their campaigns with advanced targeting, contextual and optimization capabilities.

CPV*: Cost Per Visit



Our platform allows you to target your audiences around the web, using Keywords, Website content & description, URL’s and Categories that are relevant to your business. Our technology scans our publisher websites in real time, displaying new tab full landing page within our publishers’ sites containing our Advertiser targeting goals.

Advertiser having the highest sufficient bid according to its targeting, wins and gets his full landing page displayed.

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United States 7,762,500,000 9.03
Brazil 6,337,500,000 10.05
Turkey 6,337,500,000 32.84
Mexico 5,193,750,000 13.89
France 3,468,750,000 7.10
Italy 2,831,250,000 6.48
India 2,325,000,000 9.91
Argentina 2,325,000,000 10.68
United Kingdom 2,325,000,000 12.09
Spain 1,558,125,000 6.22
Germany 1,558,125,000 6.45
Poland 1,275,000,000 10.89
Canada 1,042,500,000 5.85
Belgium 570,000,000 5.66
Hungary 570,000,000 10.03
Australia 570,000,000 16.76
Netherlands 382,500,000 5.00
Sweden 208,125,000 5.17
Austria 208,125,000 5.21
Japan 208,125,000 8.16
Ireland 208,125,000 10.77
Finland 171,375,000 5.00
Denmark 171,375,000 5.00
Switzerland 171,375,000 5.16
Israel 140,250,000 10.17
Norway 93,750,000 10.81
Russian Federation 62,812,500 7.93
Singapore 62,812,500 9.93
Hong Kong 34,312,500 7.64



WorldWide Reach

Global Reach over more than 170 countries. Reach your audience by using our targeting options: Demographics, Behaviourals, Geographic, Domains, Carriers, Devices, OS, Browser, Categories and more…


Fraud Detection

Our Platform allows our customers to perform their business in a safe environment and inventory in the frame of the IAB standards. The anti fraud mechanisms and the quality traffic avoid fake clicks, unsafe links and restricted categories.


Tracking & Optimization

We offer standard tracking solutions to monitor your conversions, and optimize your campaigns using a set of powerful tools such as Traffic Volume Estimator or Keywords Planner


Advanced Targeting

RON (run of network) or Contextual (allows you to bid on specific Keyword, URL, or Website content); Categories (ex. Non-Adult, Adult, Lifestyle, Finance, dating…); Multi Device (Desktop, Tablet, mobile, Interactive TV) and Blacklist/Whitelist targeting (Excluding or targeting specified URL or Content).



Desktop, Smartphone, TV interactive - We support third party tags across desktop, smartphone and TV Interactive any picture formats in Jpg, Gif, Png, Swf, Text, HTML 5, and video formats.



Excellence in service is our priority. Our account managers and technical team ease advertisers work providing full support for management and optimization of their offers 24/7.



Desktop / Mobile


Premium Demand




Instream / Outstream


Multiple Video Ad Formats


Great Fill Rate

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At AdOptim App Edition division we develop, publish and market Apps and Extension for desktop, Mobile and Browsers. Our expertise earn by years of experience in development and innovation allow us to provide rich tools to end user in various field such as Search, Shopping, Utilities, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and more.

Click on the logo below to discover an example of the our shopping extension:

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Founded in 2007, AdOptim benefits of a Digital Advertising experience on Desktop and Mobile of more than a decade. With our Contextual & RON CPV Programmatic Ad Network, we connect Advertisers who wants to reach worldwide targeted online and mobile audiences. For Publishers that deliver highly converting, quality traffic we supply fast increase of their revenues and CPMs through our large range of campaigns brands and advertisers.

AdOptim brings value, innovation and growth to your business, to reach your goals, to display your Landing Page to drive the right audience to reach your goal. A range of Marketing and Advertising professionals have been working on new media technology to provide you with online e-marketing expertise.

Our team is composed of professionals with strong experience in digital marketing from the most prestigious companies within the Internet industry for more than 15 years. We understand that creating a true sense of brand loyalty among clients takes significant time and investment.



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DesktopApps (Video only)Mobile Web
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Adoptim is Contextual & RON CPV Programmatic Ad Network for Interstitial and POP. We ensure high converting premium quality traffic for direct Advertisers, Agencies, Media Buyers and Affiliate Managers.

You can quickly and easily join AdOptim by registering and signing up for an account through the button Sign Up. Once registered, you just have to create your first campaign and fund your account to start running it. For any additional questions or enquiries do not hesitate to contact us

While doing CPV campaign your landing page is opened on top of the URL you are targeting. You can also target keywords or website content (URL’s title, description, category…) just like you would usually target URLs. The user will only see your landing page displayed and ensures high user engagement.

AdOptim work with direct Advertisers, Agencies, Media Buyers and Affiliate Managers worldwide. Our Advertiser can choose to create their campaign instantly through our self-serve platform or to buy traffic on a larger scale, advertiser can also work through XML feeds.

We offer our publishers Real Time Bidding XML feed and direct campaign from thousands of advertisers. We guarantee great payout terms, low discrepancies and low Views invalidations.

The traffic available on Adoptim comes from our premium and direct publishers inventory. We offer Full Page or Interstitial CPV (sometime called also Zero Click) traffic type and is an international inventory across huge amount of websites. The traffic available on Adoptim platform is biddable through our self service platform or via XML feeds for advertisers.

No, AdOptim has the following restricted categories: Adult, Tech-support, Direct downloads (with the exception of clean, Google or Apple store direct link downloads.)

  • Contextual: allows you to bid on specific Keyword, URL, or Website content
  • Multi Device: Desktop, Tablet, mobile, Interactive TV
  • Blacklist/Whitelist: Excluding or targeting specified URL or Content.

Adoptim team will take care the implementation of your Advertiser or Publisher XML feed within our platform, for any additional information please contact us

After logging into your account, you can create your first campaign by clicking on “New Campaign”, set the traffic type, target and destination URL, budget parameters, max impressions, bid, and your various targeting options. Once this is done, ensure you have funded your account and your campaign will start according to your campaign running date.

Per views. You pay for every landing page displayed.

Our coverage is global, and you can check out our updated traffic estimation table by country in our Advertise section. In addition AdOptim offers you a geo-targeting option for each of your campaign.

The minimum deposit in an account on AdOptim is $200. We recommend checking bid prices on some of your keywords to help you determine a monthly budget. Making bids too low will not bring you any views.

If you have received from us a coupon code for a certain Cash value, enter your account and in “Payment menu” choose “Coupons” and fill the code you have received. It is important to note that in accordance to our Terms & Conditions, if the value of the coupons is under the minimum budget of 200$, you must fill your funds to the minimum deposit in order to start a campaign. In addition, according to Terms of Use conditions, an Advertiser is able to use ONLY one coupon code per account.

The minimum bid per visit, is $0.002 at AdOptim. According to the keywords, the bid will change a bit. We recommend to bid more that the minimum bid because thousands of advertisers use the AdOptim Ad Exchange, and then a lower result will come thru and no traffic will arrive at your website.

We offer refunds for remaining balances but not for received traffic that did not convert.
We may charge an administrative fee for refunds. Refunds can take up to 1 week to process.

AdOptim accepts all kind of credit cards (AMEX, VISA, MasterCard), Paypal’s payment and wire transfer when funding your advertiser account.

With our easy to use User Interface, once you have your creative and parameters ready, setting up a campaign is a matter of few minutes and using duplicating features permits to even rush this process while setting up multiple similar campaigns.

Our platform allows advertiser or publisher to support campaign targeting over most of the mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) as well most of Desktop or mobile OS (IOS, android, Windows…) and browsers (IE explorer, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla….).

There are two parameters to use to track your campaign conversions:

  • ID source tracking – to track the referrer where the traffic is coming from.
  • Keyword tracking –to see which keyword triggered the visit to your page.

We provide source ids which are numbers that represent the single domains / sources from which you get your traffic. You can track your incoming traffic from these sources by adding the source id to your URL as a parameter and then using your analytics to find performing sources and excluding non performing ones

We give you the ability to set your bid through our platform. To hit the correct price, you have to know what you want. Bidding below the average bid will get you none to very little traffic. Bidding between an average and a high bid will get you reasonable traffic for a fair price. Bidding above a high bid will give you most traffic and best quality. If that is not enough increase your bid even more to get all traffic. To get the best estimation use our keyword tool and Traffic volume estimator.

We supply more than 1 billion visit/month.

Most likely your bid is not high enough or for keyword campaigns your keywords may be too specific, please try simpler broader terms.
Additionally, if this is a new campaign, please be patient. We manually check every campaign for quality and ad guideline compliance so this might take a few hours to 48 hours.

We take great care of checking the campaigns that we allow to be started. Advertisers need to ensure they are not promoting something which is not allowed by our agreement and that your landing URL’s are working.
Activation can take up to 24 hours.

AdOptim allow advertising for any legal products. Websites promoting illegal content are not acceptable to advertise on AdOptim. We reserve the right to review and remove any websites violating these terms at our discretion.

AdOptim provides a robust platform of standard reports to help advertisers optimize for success. For an overview of your campaign activity, click on your reports on your advertiser dashboard.

Many things can result in a conversion and it’s not always a only a matter of traffic quality. For those reasons it is important to test and optimize in order to reach your goals. Some of the actions to take in account:

  • Raise your bid to compete on more available sites according to your targeting
  • Raise your frequency cap
  • Consider switching between Contextual targeting to RON traffic.

In that particular case do not hesitate to contact us and our team will help you and advise.

Campaign Daily Budget is the approximate amount you’re willing to spend on a specific AdOptim Campaign each day. Your ads will typically stop showing for that day once your daily budget is met, so a higher budget may allow your ad to be shown more often throughout the day.

Yes, we do work with both XML Advertisers and XML Publishers.
For XML Advertiser, please sign up in our XML Advertiser section or if you are a XML Publisher visit our XML Publisher section.

AdOptim has many security measures in place to protect advertisers against clicks/redirection that can run the accounts dry. The Fraud Prevention reviews manually fraudulent activity. All websites are subject to approval. AdOptim employs traffic, condition counters and ratios to compare the number of click-through received to other sites. Advertiser accounts are only deducted once if the same surfer visits the website more than once.

Adoptim has an important traffic volume worldwide with a huge panel of Users for any Gender, Education level and age. Browsing location are Worldwide from Tier 1 countries to developing countries.

A click (CPC) or visit (CPV) means each time a user from our publisher network sees a new tab full landing page ad displayed.
An Ad Response is the counting of each time an Advertiser bids on a publishers traffic request (but not necessarily wining it).

Our Traffic network is composed by a very important number of sources, mostly direct publishers but also strategic partnerships with major HQ Traffic Networks.

No, this is not required in the self-serve platform. Accepting the terms and conditions when you register is enough and is considered as an IO substitute.

No, this is not a targeting options although you can target by GEO’s, Domains, Carriers, Desktop, Mobile, and Browsers in order to reach your target audience.

In order to better retrieve your campaign data and better optimize it, we provide you a list of Macro’s that can be added to your Landing page URL in the campaign. (Keyword matched, queries, ad ID’s, Sub ID’s, Google Analytics, conversion tracking and more….). for more details, please check out our documentation once you are signed in on our platform.

Yes we do allow S2S tracking and provide tracking capabilities for following parameters:

id – Current goal Id (must be added in Offers settings)
conversion – Click Id used for conversion tracking
count – Number of conversions (optional, default value = 1)
value – Conversion value (optional, default value = 0)

Goal – conversion goals to track multiple postback events (registration, purchase, etc.) within one offer

There’s no 2nd auction price on XML platform – advertiser always pays what he/she bids if valid click happens.

Yes, the Bid Optimization feature does bid adjustments based on traffic performance, so if it converts well and get good payouts from CPA buyer – the system will increase bids for specific channels.

You as Publisher can quickly and easily joins AdOptim by registering and signing up for an account through the button Sign Up. Once registered, one of our Affiliate Managers will approve your account. After you just have to get your JavaScript Feed and add it to your website. For any additional questions or enquiries do not hesitate to contact us.

AdOptim work with direct Publishers and website owners worldwide. Our Publishers can choose to create their campaigns instantly through our self-serve platform or work together with our Affiliate Manager.

We offer our publishers Real Time Bidding XML Feeds and Java Script tags from thousands of our advertisers. We guarantee great payout terms; premium ad offers and dedicated Affiliate Manager who will help you to reach your objectives.

AdOptim works with mostly Mainstream categories, among our it we have wide list of offers like Shopping offers, Travelling, Life Style, Sport, Finance, Dating etc.

AdOptim accept worldwide traffic. For more information please contact our Affiliate Manager.

Yes, the minimum payout is $100 for PayPal and $200 for Bank Wire transfer. If Publisher didn’t reach minimum payout in existing month, payout will be sent when the minimum amount will be achieved.

As soon as you log in to your account, you’ll see your latest statistics summarized in a user-friendly layout.

We can pay you Publisher’s monthly commission via Bank Transfer and PayPal.

Yes. AdOptim Referral Affiliate Program offers affiliate the ability to generate link to provide to his network and earn commission of 5% based on revenus of subscribers from this link.

Once you have subscribed as a publisher please contact your dedicated account manager to receive your referral link and start referring sub-affiliates under your account.


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