InterstiAds Ad Integration tutorial (Interstitial ads)


Java Script tag Integration Tutorial

The following tutorial will describe you the way to integrate Java Script tags on your website in order to start displaying our Interstitial ad campaigns

What we propose?

The Interstitial Ad from InterstiAds allows you to monetize traffic by displaying Full Page Contextual Interstitial ads on your website. The Interstitial ad, triggered when a user clicks on links in the page, appears in between two pages and It remain for 5 second and display a Skip Ad button to open a new tab with user requested link from your website.

Our interstitial ads also work on most Mobile and Tablet devices

We will use keywords meta tags, website content such as page title, and full page URL, description, to choose the most relevant ads for the user. Usually if the website is well optimized for SEO you will get the best results with pop-under ads.


  • Copy and paste the following tag in the footer of the pages where you want to activate your InterstiAds just before the end of « body » enclosure </body> :

<script id=”__redirector” src=”{feed}&auth={auth}subid={subid}“></script>

  • Replace {feedid} by your InterstiAds feed ID in your access (RSS icon type near your feed in Feed Menu)
  • Replace {subid} by any alphanumeric value
  • Replace {auth} by your InterstiAds Authorisation code in your access (RSS icon type near your feed in Feed Menu)


<script id=”__redirector” src=”“></script>

Please note you are allowed to use a maximum of 2000 distinct sub-IDs per day


Now you are all set with your JS tag, you can start shortly to earn money on every InterstiAds you display!!!

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